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Andalusia Day Pass to Seville/Cordoba/Malaga/Granada
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Andalusia Day Pass to Seville/Cordoba/Malaga/Granada

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includes: skip the line tickets for the best highlights in seville/cordoba/malaga/granada, parking tickets in the city centre, hop on hop off bus to explore the city and 20% discount when you want to visit more!

Andalusia is one of the most popular areas to visit in Europe. Not only because of its beautiful nature but also because of the richness of her culture, the weather, her kind inhabitants and there are not a lot regions in the world that can offer 4 fascinating cities with centuries of history: Seville, Cordoba, Malaga and Granada. 

In all of these cities there is a rich heritage of Moorish history which conquered a part of Spain in 711 and made Cordoba the capital and cultural centre of the Islamic caliphate. The Alhambra in Granada, the Alcazar in Seville and the Mezquita are fascinating monuments visited by many each year. 

But of all these cities have more common except their beauty. They are hectic cities with many challenges to be able to enjoy your citytrip. There are many waiting lines for museums while you only have limited of time. Attractions are not located on walking distance. Traffic is hectic and parking expensive and difficult to find. 

The ultra-convenient Andalusia City Pass includes skip-the-line entrance to the city’s most famous destinations, a parking spot valid for 1 day in one of these cities, ticket for the Hop on Hop off Bus to enjoy all the highlights the city can offer and you get discounts to countless further attractions in one of the cities . Even better, you receive everything by email so that you don’t waste time picking it up at Tourism Offices when you arrive.

Maximize your precious time for your visit to each of the cities by organizing everything in advance.  Simply order your Andalusia City Pass(es) online and you’re ready for all that this wonderful city has to offer:
• Skip the line ticket for the Alcazar in Seville, the Mezquita in Cordoba or 20% discount for the Picasso Museum in Malaga. 
Hop on Hop off Bus to enjoy all the highlights these cities can offer. 
Park your car in the city centre without the hassle or stress. 

To Seville

How does it work?

1) Select the day you want to visit Seville
2) Select that you want to visit Seville and the amount of persons (adults/children)

What is important to know?

Seville is a big city and the highlights of the city are far away from each other. Which means when you want to walk around the city and have the ambition to see it all it will probably not work in 1 day. From Macarena to Acuario de Seville is a walk of almost 1 hour. 

The Hop on Hop off Bus will help you to see all the highlights. You can hop on and off for a day everywhere you want. These are the stops: Torre del Oro, Plaza de Espana, Acuario de Seville, Plaza de America, Plaza de Cuba, San Jacinto, Calle Castillo, Expo 92, Isla Magica, Macarena, Torre de los Perdigones, Almeda de Hercules, Plaza del Duque and Plaza de Armas. 

You can find your parking garage near the Alcazar of Seville (6 minutes walk). You will receive the exact location after your reservation. From this location the Hop on Hop off Bus will departure as well so you can departure here with the Hop on Hop off Bus to visit the city when you arrive with your car. 

Alcazar de Seville works with timeslots for entrance to spread the amount tourists that come in every day. Your reservation is scheduled at 15.00h because at that time it is less busy in the museum so you can enjoy it to the fullest. When you are done visit the museum you can decide to hop on at the bus again, to walk around or to take your car and drive back to your accommodation. 

You will also get a discount code of 20%. So you can purchase the tickets for a bike tour or a Flamenco Show. You can see a list of discounts beneath. After your reservation we will explain you how you can use your discount of 20%. 

To Cordoba

How does it work?

1) Select the day you want to visit Cordoba
2) Select that you want to visit Cordoba and the amount of persons (adults/children)

What is important to know?

The Mosque Cathedral is an icon to visit. Many tourists claimed that the Mosque Cathedral was one of the most breathtaking monuments they ever saw. You can only visit the Cathedral when you join a guided tour. Even if it was not obligatory we would still recommend to join a guide because the history of the construction of the cathedral and the development of the cathedral is too fascinating. The tour starts on your selected date at 13.15h from the Cathedral. We will send you more information where you can find the guide (approximately groups of 20 people max.). 

You can find your parking garage near Puerta de Almador (4 minutes walk). We will inform you how to go to Puerta de Almador when you have parked your car because it is one of the stops of the Hop on Hop off Bus. You can hop on and off at the following locations: Panoramica de Rio, Jardin Botanico, Ciudad de los Ninos, San Basilio, Puerta de Almador, Mercado de la Victoria, Gran Capitan, Train Station, Palacio de la Merced, Malmuerta Santa Marina, Plaza Corazon de Maria, San Lorenzo, Realejo-San Andres, Ayuntamiento – Templo Romano, Arco del Portillo, Puente Romano (Ronda Isasa) and Alcazar. 

The Hop on Hop off Bus also stops at the Mosque Cathedral (bus stop 2) so you can plan your day and join the guided tour at 13.15h. After your visit you can have lunch in the great bars and restaurants of Cordoba and join the Hop on Hop off Bus again after. When you are done visiting the city you can stop again at Puerta de Almador and get back to your car. 

To Malaga

How does it work?

1) Select the day you want to visit Malaga
2) Select that you want to visit Malaga and the amount of persons (adults/children)

What is important to know?

Malaga is the only city of the 4 which is located at the coast. You can probably imagine how beautiful it is when you join the Hop on Hop off Bus and drive along the coast. Because many visitors choose the option to spend the day at the beach (or to have lunch at one of the brilliant restaurants) we excluded the visit to the museum (also from the price) but to include the discount code of 20% for the Picasso Museum. 

You can find your parking garage near Museo Carmen Tyssen in the city centre (the exact address you will receive after your reservation). From here you can take the Hop on Hop off Bus and hop on and off at the stops: Renfe Vialia, Centre de Art Contemporaneo, Puerto / Alborania Museum, Plaza de la Marina, Paseo del Parque, Centro Pompidou, Paseo de la Farola, Playa de la Malagueta, Plaza de Toros, Castillo de Gibralfaro, Basilica de Sta M de la Victoria, Plaza de la Merced / Casa de Picasso, Museo Carmen Tyssen and Avenida Andalucia. 

After your reservation you will receive a discount code which you can use to purchase the tickets for the Picasso Museum. When you do that in advance you don´t have to wait in line. The Hop on Hop off Bus stops at the museum. At the end of the day you can stop with the bus at Museo Carmen Tyssen to get back to your car. 

To Granada

The Alhambra is one of the most visited monuments in the world. There is no Hop on Hop off Bus in Granada. You can make your reservation for the Alhambra + Parking Spot at this link. 

What is the itenary?

When you travel by car you can departure when you like and go back to your accommodation when you like. The train tickets have a schedule. After your reservation you can let us know what time you want to departure in the morning and what time you want to departure back later that day. You can change the times up to 72 hours in advance. 


1. Everything will be send by email.
2. You will save a lot of money
3. No stress in the city but use Hop on Hop off Bus tickets to hop on and off at the highlights you want
4. Start your city trip relaxed: park your car in the city centre and don´t spend hours to find a parking spot

What else is important to know?

Please wear appropriate clothing in the museums. These are monuments with clothing restrictions and they will ask you to leave when your clothing is not appropriate. 

The Andalusia City Pass is everything you need for your citytrip to Seville/Cordoba/Granada/Malaga!

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